GPS - 40°00'36.2"N 23°32'29.4"E

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HOW TO COME TO Halkidiki ?


After entering Greece at the border crossing Evzoni, you should follow road signs that lead you to Thessaloniki. If you choose to go through the city drive straight ahead all the time, do not turn anywhere because the motorway that goes into the city comes to Monastirou street, then to Ignacia, then to Karamanli avenue and then the exit out of the city, where you just follow the sign to Nea Moudania and Halkidiki .

If you wish to avoid the city traffic jam, in the suburb of Thessaloniki pay attention to the sign of Ring Road where you will go over Thessaloniki and re-enter the road to Halkidiki and Nea Moudania.


Thessaloniki has very frequent international airport 65 km from Halkidiki , and 80 km from our hotel. If you wish we can organize a transfer from the airport to our hotel and the other way round.


After coming to Halkidiki and peninsula Kassandra, you should follow the road sign to Polichrono. After exactly 1 km, from the crossroads with the traffic light which is the main turn to Polichrono, you will see the sign with Zephyros logo where you turn right and drive exactly 300 m to the entrance of your oasis of peace and quiet.

Aparthotel Zephyros Halkidiki